El Gatarel farmhouse is part of and starting point for 2 main trek paths:

-- Il trekking del Metauro : t is a hiking trail that cuts across our territory right to the Furlo gorge which hosts real historical treasures such as Fossombrone, the ancient Flaminia road, the Mondavio Fortress and naturalistic areas such as the Cesane, Mount Paganuccio and Pietralata. The itinerary develops as a ring on both sides of the Metauro river and you can walk it, drive along it, ride on horseback or on your MBK, no opportunity is ruled out so that everyone can choose the style they prefer.

-- Il trekking dei Fuochi: is a tourist adventure over 300km long, a stage on which various actors and troupes follow one another, churches, monuments, fortresses and castles parade; then the companies arrive, the fields, the flowers, the paths; then the scenographers and the costume designers from the many historical and traditional re-enactment come along. You come across treasure chests from the past like Fossombrone, Cagli, Pergola; you go through mountains like Mount Nerone and Mount Catria and Mount Petrano from which rivers like Metauro, Cesano, Burano, Biscubio and Candigliano are born.

Our holiday farmhouse is hikers and cyclists friendly: it is possible to rent the entire facility for groups (hikers or cyclists) who want to explore these itineraries and we also give logistic support (supply of MTB, E-Bikes and contact with guides who work for the many companies on our territory).

f you click on the following map you can see and download part of the paths (the ones closer to our farmhouse) from these 2 fabulous adventures and get an idea of the other kind of outdoor activities available nearby.

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